NY Mets 90 Wins '14

NY Mets 90 Wins '14
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In football, should a fumble stop play at the point of the fumble, with possession of the ball not changing ? Would the new rule result in fewer injuries, a more wide open game ?

Should Lance Armstrong have kept fighting the doping charges ?

Yankees' Star Catcher Jorge Posada to the Hall of Fame ?

Should the fans have a say, based on "one fan, one vote", in who gets elected to the various sports' Halls of Fame ?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Southern Calif to Southern Mich

So Road & Track is moving from Newport Beach to Ann Arbor, to be near the center of the auto industry, to be close to its fellow Hearst Auto publication, Car AND Driver.

Consolidation of the publications' back office, etc., functions, is planned.

Perhaps the editorial functions can follow. After all, who needs to publish more than one automoto mag  ?

Car Driver Road Track ?  Car Road Driver and Track ?  How would you name it ?

Does the move leave Motor Trend as the only major auto magazine located in sunny So Cal ?  If so, it has a defacto monopoly on the sushine, on the warmth, year round.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

CAR and ROAD ?


The 2011 Women's World Cup Soccer Championship Game was tied in regulation time. Then they had a shoot-out to determine which team won. Why not have co-champions in the circumstances of a tie in regulation time ?

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