NY Mets 90 Wins '14

NY Mets 90 Wins '14
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In football, should a fumble stop play at the point of the fumble, with possession of the ball not changing ? Would the new rule result in fewer injuries, a more wide open game ?

Should Lance Armstrong have kept fighting the doping charges ?

Yankees' Star Catcher Jorge Posada to the Hall of Fame ?

Should the fans have a say, based on "one fan, one vote", in who gets elected to the various sports' Halls of Fame ?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tim Tebow

The Jets have released QB Tim Tebow, about a year after trading for him, then not playing him much at all, either as a starter or as a backup.

Did the Jets have second thoughts because of Tebow's demonstrativeness of religion ?

Did Mark Sanchez play well enough to keep the starting position ?

Tim Tebow cleared waivers, is now a free agent.

Is his future in the Canadian Football League, like Doug Flutie, to return to the NFL at a later time ?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe a Color Football Analyst in Christian Media ?

The 2011 Women's World Cup Soccer Championship Game was tied in regulation time. Then they had a shoot-out to determine which team won. Why not have co-champions in the circumstances of a tie in regulation time ?

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